High runner wheel balancers

Fast and accurate wheel balancing for any kind of demand

Precise and accurate wheel balancers to cover all kind of wheels and requests. Every company will find optimum technology in this range for higher efficiency combined with easy and convenient operation. 

MS 857

MS 837

Powerful and reliable

The new design conceived for a better access to the inside of the wheel and their extreme ease of use. Supplied also with the EasyFit internal automatic gauge. Available with dual LED display or 19" TFT monitor. 

  • QSP to select the top 3 balancing programs by using the EasyFix lever
  • Multi-user operating controls
  • Split program for exact positioning of weights behind the spokes 
  • Foot brake for stopping the wheel during weight attachment
  • Manual weight positioning at 3 locations (12 / 3 / 6)
  • Customizable screen saver