Diagnostic wheel Balancers

Balancing & diagnostic wheel measurements with comfort

Precise and accurate wheel balancers to cover all kind of wheels and requests. Every company will find optimum technology in this range for higher efficiency combined with easy and convenient operation. 

MT 885

Balancing with laser tyre diagnosis

The MT 885 sets new standards – in operation, speed and comfort. The laser sensor provides fully-automated measurements for tyre width, run-out and tyre symmetry. The wheel lift helps with heavy SUV tyres. The pneumatic flange automatically clamps the wheels. And the interactive menu navigation makes operating it child’s play. With this balancing machine, you are equipped for all scenarios.

  • Effortless lifting and positioning of the tyre through an integrated tyre lift
  • full static and dynamic balancing programs
  • Timesaving automatic tyre positioning
  • Multiple-user function of software
  • Electronic scanning arm for quick recording of the rim diameter and distance
  • Automatic opening and closing of the tyre cover
  • Pneumatic wheel clamping
  • Easily readable TFT-monitor