VLS Scissor lifts

Efficient and space-saving

Compact und effective for Tyre and rapid repair workshops with a high customer turnover. Beissbarth offers the simple short-stroke lift with mobility-kit or the double scissor lift with extra-lifting height ("H"). Both are floor-mounted, ultra-shallow design.

Short-stroke lifting scissor lift, 3000 kg

With the optional mobile kit, this lift 3000 kg with lifting height 930 mm can be moved all over the workshop. 

A scissor lift is used for various types of work. Examples are bodyworks, direct reception and service works. Thanks to a low drive-on height, vehicles with low ground clearance can access the lift without problem. The lift is delivered with four elastomer pick-up pads 250x150x20 mm.

  • Compact scissor lift
  • Ultra-flat, only 105 mm minimum height
  • Lifting heigth 930 mm
  • Movable all over the workshop (with mobile kit)
  • For tyre and brake service for vehicles up to 3 t
  • No assenbly required

Double scissor lift, 3200 kg

This wheel free lifting lift can also accommodate vehicles with low ground clearance.

The double scissors with hydraulic levelling device offer to the mechanic an optimal use of the space under the raised vehicle. In addition, the track length is adjustable from 1470 mm to 1990 mm for perfect adaptation to vehicles with short and long wheelbases. The lift is delivered with four elastomer pick-up pads 250x150x20 mm.

  • Ultra-flat, only 105 mm minimum height
  • 1945 mm lifting height for comfortable work below the vehicle
  • Long service life due to optimized lubrication on all pivot pins
  • Lifting capacity 3200 kg