Levelled Test Bay

Safe base for accurate measurements

The evaluation and adjustment of modern headlight systems requires precisely leveled testing areas. The LTB 100 is a smart solution to ensure a leveled testing area in workshops and PTI test facilities.

Workshop floors and PTI test facilities often feature a significant slope and unevenness. The OE specifications and PTI requirements requesting permanently marked and leveled headlight testing areas, e.g. the German general-inspection headlight-testing directive on rider 4, § 29 StVZO. It should be noted, that the areas must not exceed the maximum allowed inclination of 1.5 % and must be aligned. The LTB100 can be levelled with an accuracy of  ± 1 mm per 1-meter.

According to manufacturer specifications, a levelled workplace for headlight adjustment and calibration of driver assistance systems is absolutely required. The Beissbarth solution guarantees a perfectly levelled workplace, meeting the OE specifications for a levelled testing area. 

LTB 100 - Headlight test bay

The modular and cost effective design is suitable for subsequent installation onto the workshop floor or workshop pits. Compared to a 4-post-lift, the system is maintenance-free and requires only a fraction of the space.

Vehicles with a maximum allowed axle load of 2.5 t can be tested. An adjustable height compensation of 0- 40 mm on 4m/6m system length is possible. 

  • Modular construction, extendable to 6 m
  • 0 to 40 mm height compensation
  • Suitable for installation onto workshop pits
  • Universal use for reception lanes and calibration of driver assistant systems