Truck Brake Tester

The BD series for trucks is available with 13t, 16t and 18t axle load. The new and intuitive test lane software improves the process time and assures an optimized illustration of test results. Models with 13t and 18t test load are available with integrated hydraulics for load simulation. A safe, fast and ergonomic solution to simulation load during testing.

BD 7xxx, 13t

Lifted roller set

Controlled drive-in

Optional: With pit: two separate foundation frames as edge protectors

Without pit: one foundation frame – consisting of three parts

NEW: Beissbarth Truck Brake Tester fits into all popular foundations – the hydraulics for the load simulation included.

According to the guideline, commercial vehicles need to be tested with a minimum statutory brake pressure of 1.7 bar. In case of commercial vehicles with a high load/no-load ratio e.g. empty trucks and trailers – not building up the required minimum pressure, load simulation can be used as well. Instead of sophisticated tying down of multiple axles, the axle to be tested can also be lifted for the test. At this much simpler procedure, the required axial pressure is created by altering the weight balance.

  •  Hydraulic load simulation
  • Four-wheel support (4 x 4)
  • New ICperform software
  • Coated rollers with strong grip 
  • Mechanical components with hot-dip galvanization – for lasting protection against corrosion
  • Lifting device for load simulation (lifting height: 200 mm) 
  • Neatly integrated into the roller housing 
  • Increases the brake-cyclinder pressure to the 1.7 bar demanded 
  • Controlled via remote control right from the driver cab 
  • Suitable for almost all trucks and trailers 
  • Especially recommended for empty/lightweight lorries