Air conditioning service units

For R134a refrigerant

The completely automatic and user-friendly Beissbarth air conditioning service unit was developed for the uncomplicated maintenance of vehicular air condition while also minimizing the need for manual user intervention. The units independently direct the recovery, recycling and filling processes for oil and refrigerant while also relieving and supporting the mechanic in carrying out his/her work. However, they also have a manual mode to allow for direct control of every individual phase. All Beissbarth units have an integrated database that provides details about the required refrigerant and oil quantities in a vehicle’s air conditioning unit and the service unit is also available with a printer to print out a detailed report.

Smart AC service units

BAC 3000a is the new standard for service unit which perform maintenance of A/C systems with R134a refrigerant. Unit carry out automatic refrigerant recovery, recycling and filling and guarantee the quick, complete drying of the system. BAC 3000a is equipped with printer.


  • Recovery function
  • Vacuum function
  • Leak test
  • Purging of non condensable gases
  • Oil injection
  • Refrigerant charge function

Maximum precision

The new fully-automatic Beissbarth AC service unit recovers, recycles and refills R134a refrigerant. Serves standard, hybrid and fully electric vehicle systems.

Fully automatic service unit:

  • Deep Recovery and Vacuum function
  • Leak test
  • Purging of non condensable gases electronically controlled
  • Clean oil injection (separate bottles for PAG and POE oil) and UV dye injection with electronic scale