Beissbarth at the Autopromotec 2017 fair

Several novelties for quick and user-friendly tread-depth measurement, digital headlight testing and for professional tyre service.

  • Truck Brake Tester
  • Tyre-tread depth measurement with EasyTread system
  • Wheel alignment at minute intervals with Easy 3D+
  • MLD 110 headlight testing system for Mercedes-Benz workshops and new PC software for the MLD 815 series
  • Ergonomic and professional tyre service with MS 670 and MS 900

The BD series for trucks is available with 13t, 16t and 18t axle load. The new and intuitive test lane software improves the process time and assures an optimized illustration of test results. Models with 13t and 18t test load are available with integrated hydraulics for load simulation. A safe, fast and ergonomic solution to simulation load during testing. NEW: Beissbarth Truck Brake Tester fits into all popular foundations – the hydraulics for the load simulation included. According to the guideline, commercial vehicles need to be tested with a minimum statutory brake pressure of 1.7 bar. In case of commercial vehicles with a high load/no-load ratio e.g. empty trucks and trailers – not building up the required minimum pressure, load simulation can be used as well. Instead of sophisticated tying down of multiple axles, the axle to be tested can also be lifted for the test. At this much simpler procedure, the required axial pressure is created by altering the weight balance.

At the Autopromotec in Bologna (Italy), Beissbarth presents its new EasyTread system, a system measuring the depth of tyre treads practically while driving by, for instance at the vehicle reception. The measurement system is automatically started when driving over it with a maximum speed of 8 km/h. Within seconds, it accurately measures the tread depth of all four tyres. Thanks to a smart TV display, even the customer is able to see the measured values in a neat manner. Quick and trouble-free measurement with unambiguous measured values also shows the workshop’s technical competence and increases the customer loyalty. Concomitantly, workshops can increase their utilization and turnovers in tyre business.

The EasyTread system can easily be installed onto the workshop floor and suits most diverse application sites. EasyTread works with color-coded measurement procedures and HD cameras. It does not require any moving components. This makes it highly resilient to dust, vibrations, moisture and changing temperatures. The measurement is neither influenced by dirt or small objects such as e.g. small stones nor by marks on the tyres or by workshop lighting.

The new Beissbarth Easy 3D+ for trouble-free and quick 3D wheel alignment with its new Smart Test software and graphic user interface guarantees a professional work station. Reception measurements can be performed in minute intervals while wheel camber, individual and total toe as well as the geometric driving axle can be determined. For top precision, the system uses a 3D technology with a total of twelve cameras. The new Smart Test software for the current Easy 3D+ with its expanded range of functions eases both the operation and quick evaluation of the measured chassis data. 

Furthermore, Beissbarth also presents the MLD 100 headlight testing system for Mercedes-Benz workshops at the Autopromotec fair. The device comes equipped with seven-meter roll-on marks, rails and a special LED color filter. Using MLD 110, workshops can test and adjust all light sources, including glare-free high-beam systems, on passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles. The cut-off-line can be determined accurately and without any disturbing blue fringe. For digital MLD 815 headlight testers, Beissbarth presents a new PC software displaying the test results much more neatly. Connection is done via Bluetooth signal while the integrated folder manager with database function processes and archives the data. 

At Autopromotec, Beissbarth also presents the particularly robust and sturdy MS 670 tyre changer for efficient tyre service. The device with central clamping homologated for VW workshops is equipped with the ErgoControl bead breaker and a side-mounted wheel lift of the latest generation relieving the load on the operator’s back. In addition, MS 670 features a lever-free mounting head and an assistance post with two separately operated assistance arms. This allows safe and quick fitting of tyres – even in case of run-flat tyres (RFT) and ultra-high-performance (UHP) tyres.

As yet another highlight, Beissbarth also presents the automatic 30-inch MS 900 tyre changer with central clamping. The device has been homologated by VW and BMW for use in authorized workshops of both manufacturers. Both bead breaker disks as well as the tools with lever-free mounting head protect both rims and TPMS. They are controlled easily and intuitively by the control panel. Two laser pointers ease the entry of the rim size. 

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